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Is Instagram Safe for the use of Children?

Is Instagram Safe for the use of Children?

Instagram is a picture based social media platform. This application basically works on the simple principle of clicking, uploading and sharing pictures socially. In this age where smart phones and internet are easily accessible to all, Facebook and Instagram have become frenzy. Your social status is determined by the number of followers you have or the number of likes you get for your posts.

Children are caught up with this trend as well. Gone are the days when children played cricket and hopscotch in parks. Even if you spot them, they are busy clicking selfies and uploading them on social media. Kids these days are tangled in the virtual world. However, parents have a bigger responsibility now. They need to monitor continuously the online activities their children are involved in so as to minimize the risks related with social media networking.

Here is why parents need to be careful about their child’s Instagram obsession.

  • Instagram is very easily accessible and is faster than any other social media platform. Clicking and immediately posting pictures without thinking of possible threats is not healthy.
  • Instagram is extremely addictive. Scrolling through feeds and uploading every picture you can possibly click is a craving that is very difficult to suppress. The urge to capture random moments in your life and upload them and wait for likes and followers is an obsession with children. This needs to be dealt with before it becomes a full blown addiction. Parents need to keep a close watch on children to avoid any negative consequences.
  • Privacy settings on Instagram are not as helpful as you expect them to be. The risk of leaving private information exposed is still there. Not everyone you are friends with on social media is trustworthy. With the location services, it becomes easier for stalkers to keep a tab on your activities and thus it poses safety hazards.
  • Having one thousand friends on Instagram can help in defining your popularity virtually but in real life, it can be dangerous. Randomly adding people so as to increase the number of followers you have can be huge risk.

Parents need to continuously monitor their child’s activities on Instagram and make the aware of the potential risks related to social media networking. Parents must make them realize the consequences of their actions. Awareness is the only key to minimize any negative effect.