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Instagram and Food Industry

Instagram and Food Industry

We eat food with our eyes first. A plate of food will visually appeal and pull us towards it before we end up devouring it. Sitting in a restaurant, we are mostly attracted to what the person next to us is ordering. Let’s face it; food always looks better when someone else is eating it. Food industry owes a lot to the increasing popularity of photo based social networking these days. Instagram is one such platform. Studies show that almost 60% of the pictures shared on Instagram are of food and drinks. Food lovers can share pictures of simple home cooked or the exquisite five star meals in one click. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, let Instagram convey these words.

Here’s how:

  • Restaurants, small food chains, local chefs and bakers can promote their food on Instagram with utmost ease. All they need is a smart phone and internet. Click a picture and share.
  • Pictures of food from preparation stage to the final outcome can create a rage among followers. People love to see how the food they eat gets to their plate.
  • Newly opened restaurants and food joints can share pictures of the food from their menu and attract potential customers.
  • Also, online contests help in creating buzz among the followers. For instance, famous food chains like Pizza Hut and Burger King run contests almost every week to attract customers through social media.
  • Offering coupons and promo codes also helps develop business.
  • Local chefs can start online cooking tutorials on Instagram. They just need to create a group and share pictures of different recipes. Also, they can share 15 second long cooking videos with the followers.
  • Food lovers and critics can share their views using pictures with their followers. This is the best platform to voice out your opinions about the food you like or dislike.
  • Hashtags help in search engine optimization. If you are a Chinese takeaway and want free marketing, upload your famous dimsums and add captions like #chinesefood#yumyumdimsums#chopsticksandforks and share your location. The hashtags make you easily searchable.

Promoting food brands through Instagram is free and easy. Features like filters and image stabilization give a professional angle to your pictures. And location services and hashtags make your restaurant searchable. Also, Instagram has millions of followers and is integrated with other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr etcetera. Why are you waiting then? Chase your food dream!