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How to Attract Large Number of Followers on Instagram?

How to Attract Large Number of Followers on Instagram?

Instagrammers are always looking to attract more number of followers. Especially those who are new always want more followers. Even if they have been using it for years, they are looking to attract more followers. People always crave for popularity in real life and it works the same on social networks. Instagram is no exception and people with lots of followers can make their lives easier on social media. If you are new, you have to take time. You don’t have to worry if you just have friends as followers.


Schedule Your Posts

In order to earn popularity on Instagram and you like to keep followers, you need to post regularly. In order to take it little more seriously, you need to stick to your schedule for posting. This way, your followers can keep up with your schedule to get a next post from your side. If you don’t post for some time and have some downtime, your followers might remove you for following something else. Your friends may not do it for you. But if your followers follow you due to similar interest, they are likely to unfollow you.


Social Networks

You can easily find more number of followers with different social platforms. If social networks like Facebook and Twitter are linked to your Instagram, you can then share the image there when it comes to post to Instagram. This way, you can get more number of followers as your tags will work on those networks. Hence, you can attract more followers with same interests. You can also enhance engagement with followers who are not using Instagram. Your post might be anything that can attract them to join this platform.



When you upload on Instagram initially, you may not know how to use tags. It is something which is realistic to everyone, when they started using app or website first. So, don’t assume that you are on your own. Even the most popular Instagram user has first name and they won’t have any tags with it.

But you have to learn faster that you have to tag your photos in order to attract more followers. If you avoid tagging, images can be seen only to the users who are on your friend’s list already.

It is because there is nothing that is attached to the picture to make it worth searching. For instance, if your image is tagged with word “Football”, the image will be seen in search results if someone searches for football. This is how you can attract more number of followers.

This is how to attract more number of followers. When your image is found by someone and they like what the tag is, you can be added to their friends’ list as they like to see more.


You can also look at hashtag trends to get more number of followers and post image which can definitely match that trend. If most of the people are posting “Picture of the Day” tags, you can share image on that trend.